The Way We Are

We, at Darshan, have been involved in creating and maintaining Interiors since August 1984. It gives us great pleasure …and pride, to inform you that we are the only people in the City of Ahmedabad, to offer total Interior Solutions under one roof. And that too by experts in their respective fields.

Today, the Darshan Group is headed by Shailesh Desai. It comprises :

Darshan Designs - providing labour and material for turnkey projects
Free yourself of the hundreds of hassles of setting up a new place. Just leave it to us. Only after everything has been completed to our satisfaction, will we hand over the keys to you.

Darshan Associates - designing interiors
Whatever we design, looks good …and feels good ! We have always laid equal stress on both form and function.

Darshan Enterprise - running a trade agency
Whenever you purchase any item through us, you can be assured, it’s "the real thing". An added bonus, is that you are spared the headache of finding an authorized dealer, who stocks genuine stuff.

Darshan Care - undertaking maintenance
Always at your service ! Anything tears or breaks or stops working, just call 99789-25101 - and we’ll be there.

The Way We Think

  • We believe, as Lord Chesterfield had rightly said, “Anything that is worth doing, is worth doing well.” Which accounts for our attention to detail.
  • We believe that no job is too big... or too small! The first enables us to take on any job – no matter how huge it may seem at first. The second enables us to give our 100% to every aspect – no matter how insignificant it may look.
  • We believe in delivering Quality – be it in our Product or Service.
  • We believe in providing value-for-money – by giving you more …for less.
  • We believe in a work-place that is comfortable, functional and simple. No fancy offices for us.
  • We believe that people must be as comfortable and relaxed at work, as they are at home. Especially as most people today, spend more time at the work-place than at their residence.
  • We believe it is more important to be the best, than to be the biggest.
  • We believe that an endless hunger for profits is unhealthy. Which is why we don’t bite off more than we can chew.
  • We believe that the Company is more important than the Individual. No fancy designations for us.

The Way We Act

All Darshanites – right from the Big Boss to the Office Boy and the On-site Labourer, are simple down-to-earth people. People who know their job ….and know it well. But they will not tell you that. They prefer to let their work speak for itself. And years of expertise and experience will always show. They have the guts to take on any challenging assignment, don’t mind being surrounded by grit-and-grime or smoke-and-soot, and have no hang-ups about getting their hands dirty.

The Way We Design

Your surroundings – be it at home or work, tell a lot about the kind of person you are. So make sure you send out the right signals. And by ‘right’, we don’t mean false cues just to impress someone. But letting them know, honestly :

The Way We Work

Step 1 : Any task we undertake, we initially study it in detail – thoroughly examining the plus and minus points of all relevant parameters.
Step 2 : Then we evaluate all available options, before settling for the one that provides optimum returns.
Step 3 : Having done this, we select material that lasts …and looks good.
Step 4 : And finally, we create Interiors that you’ll fall in love with. And look forward to spending your time in – be it your home or office or commercial                complex or showroom or shop or factory or workshop or laboratory or institute or school or hotel or restaurant or entertainment arcade or                sports complex… You name it – we’ll create it; and maintain it!

The Way We Tend To Your Needs

Initially, the Darshan Group only dealt with creating Interiors. But over time, we kept getting repeated requests from our clients, to undertake its comprehensive maintenance as well. We realized that there was a definite gap in this segment, and with our expertise in this field, we were in a position to fill it. With the support of our well-wishers and the good-will of our clients, we knew we couldn’t go wrong. They said they preferred coming to us as :

Our As ’n’ When Scheme offers the following services :